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Volunteer Centre Western Isles launches new award to mark the start of Volunteers Week (1st – 7th June)

To celebrate the launch of national Volunteers Week (1st – 7th June), Volunteer Centre Western Isles are launching a new award ‘The Charlie Nicolson Shield for International Volunteering’.

Charlie Nicolson presenting Suzanne Macaulay, Manager Volunteer Centre Western Isles, with the new award shield.

This new annual award has been donated by former Councillor Charlie Nicolson to the Volunteer Centre Western Isles to recognise the important contribution volunteers and organisations in the Western Isles make to International volunteering.

Charlie said: “I am delighted to work with the Volunteer Centre to help shine a light on the amazing volunteer effort that goes on across the Western Isles to support people across the world. Our islands make a huge impact on people internationally through volunteering and it’s great to celebrate that.”

Volunteer Centre Western Isles are inviting nominations for organisations or individual volunteers who has help change lives through their involvement in international volunteering.

Manager, Suzanne Macaulay, said “We look forward to opening this award for nominations this week. We would encourage nominations for volunteers in our community who you think deserve recognition for their volunteer work in other countries, whether that’s someone you know who makes items, organises fundraising or organisations that support people aboard who deserve, we would like to know about it! We would also encourage every group across the islands to say thank you to their volunteers during Volunteers Week for the difference they make, both here on the islands or elsewhere in the world.”

This award is open to anyone. You may want to nominate any of the following for their contribution to international volunteering;

· an individual volunteer;

· a project, group or an organisation;

· a member of your volunteer team/ staff in your organisation;

· your Volunteer Manager

Application forms will be available on www.volunteercentrewi.org from Monday 6th June or contact lewis@volunteercentrewi.org , phone 01851 700366 for more information or to request a paper form. For more information on Volunteers Week and to find out how you can get involved, visit https://volunteersweek.scot/