TSI Western Isles

The support, development and representation of local community groups, voluntary organisations, social enterprises and volunteering

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Voice of the Sector

Ensuring a strong Third Sector voice at a strategic level within local planning structures and nationally

TSI Western Isles represent the voluntary sector at a number of local strategic groups and national network meetings. This means that voluntary groups across the Western Isles have a voice to these groups and networks, and have a route through which they can get information on their proceedings and business.

Our work as a TSI partnership ensures we have day to day contact with volunteers and grassroots community and voluntary sector organisations across the Western Isles. Our processes allow us to engage, consult, represent and respond to the needs, concerns, wishes and aspirations of the Third Sector.

We are connecting and representing the Third Sector to ensure communities, Third Sector organisations and volunteers have a voice in shared planning and action.

We work to ensure an increased connection and understanding exists between Third Sector, public and private organisations.

Meeting Minutes

Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership (OHCPP)
Western Isles - Integration Joint Board (IJB)
TSIWI Forums
Volunteer Manager Network
Lunch-time Briefings
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