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New Youth Volunteering Guidelines launched – training available

New national Youth Volunteering Guidelines are being launched this month, with training being offered to support the launch. We would like to encourage all partners across the Western Isles to attend in order to support the development of youth volunteering in the islands.  The Volunteer Centre Western Isles will also be rolling out information throughout the year.

These guidelines do not sit alone but are part of a wider Scottish Government response to the the Youth Volunteering Innovation

Project (Youth VIP) which was formed as part of the development of ‘Volunteering or All’ by Project Scotland and Young Scot. A group of young volunteers, from a variety of backgrounds, have brought their stories and experience to bear to ensure these guidelines are authentic and reflective of the needs of the sector.  The Youth VIP made 13 recommendations, which were agreed in principle by the Scottish Government. The guidelines and the associated training fulfil recommendations 1 and 2.

The dates/times are as follows:

Gold: Mon 22nd March 10am-11.45am

Silver: Tues 23rd March 10am-12noon

Bronze: Wed 24th March 10am-11.15am

The training covers the Youth Volunteering Guidelines which aim to encourage organisations to explore how they currently (or would in future) recruit, retain and develop youth volunteers.

The training materials aim to give a practical approach to the guidelines, encouraging organisations to reflect on current opportunities and practices and develop them in line with the guidelines. 

• Silver and Bronze attendees will leave with a set of training materials and facilitator notes which would enable them to deliver this training to others in online or face to face settings. 

• There is no expectation for Gold attendees to do anything further than attend the training, this could be used as personal development to help an individual or organisation develop their thinking on how to bring more youth volunteers into their organisations. Suitable for Volunteers, Trustees and Staff members.

All options are immersive, interactive and delivered online via zoom. These sessions will be delivered to mixed groups and agencies across the country. This will create opportunities for learning and sharing practice across traditional geographical boundaries. 

Gold – For areas where confidence or capacity is low
This session could be for those who want to learn more about what groups or organisations can do to encourage youth volunteering. No expectation for attendees to deliver any training after this session. Could be for organisations who don’t currently offer much in the way of youth volunteering but have an interest in doing more.  Might also be of interest to Trustees.

Needed for this area: Basic knowledge of some the concepts involved in including young volunteers in organisations and some no training / facilitation experience

Silver – For areas where confidence or capacity mixed.

Training will be delivered directly to a small group of trainers from local partners or TSI network equipping them with the training and facilitation knowledge and insight to cascade the training to their local members/organisations.

Needed for this area: An working knowledge of some the concepts involved in including young volunteers in organisations and some online training / facilitation experience.

Bronze – For areas where the confidence or capacity is high.

Trainer will host a small group support session for TSI or regional national organisation trainers / volunteer managers to assist with any knowledge and insight required to cascade the training to  members/organisations.

Needed for this area: A working knowledge of including young volunteers in organisations and online training / facilitation experience

To book a place, please contact Linda Sterry, Youth VIP Project Manager, Project Scotland, Linda.Sterry@projectscotland.co.uk