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Emergency Funding

Emergency funding has become available to support organisations through the COVID-19 pandemic. See below for some useful links.


Third Sector Resilience Fund

Delivered by Firstport, Social Investment Scotland and the Corra Foundation



Charities/Community Groups/Social Enterprises/Voluntary Organisations

Priority given to those most at risk and in need of IMMEDIATE help
Maximum grant: £100,000

To be eligible, organisations must be:

  • a charity, social enterprise or voluntary organisation based in Scotland and/or primarily delivering services/activities in Scottish communities;
  • already delivering those products or services prior to March 2020;
  • and needing funding to stabilise cashflows directly as a result of the impact of COVID-19, as opposed to pre-existing financial difficulties

Well Being Fund

90k for TSI Capacity


Scottish Government Fund


The Scottish Government’s Wellbeing Fund will support organisations across the third sector that are providing important services for people as a result of coronavirus.

Community Response, Recovery and Resilience Fund


Delivered by Foundation Scotland. Also known as RRR


To provide immediate funding to support constituted community groups and charities that are responding to the coronavirus pandemic in their local community.

Resilient Communities Fund – North of Scotland


Delivered by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks


The grant can be utilised for community-based responses to supporting those who are social isolating or social distancing

Creative Scotland


National Lottery Funds


Creative Scotland have launched three funding programmes designed to provide further support to sustain the country’s creative community during the COVID-19 outbreak:

National Lottery Community Fund



Will prioritise:

  • Organisations supporting people who are at high risk from COVID-19
  • Organisations supporting communities most likely to face increased demand and challenges as a direct result of COVID-19
  • Organisations with high potential to support communities with the direct and indirect impact of COVID-19